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Pure, happy and sincere smiles
Amidst so un- spoilt nature
World may frown with stress
But simplicity their’s to capture . . .

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From Sri Lanka’s main airport Katunayake to Sorowwa Resort & Spa at Habarana is 180 kms. This journey of barely over 3 hours in itself takes you through fascinatingly by the minute, from the crowded urban bustle to the fresh and serene country scene. Along the way you are bound to notice the dramatic changes of vegetation as well as scenery. And, upon easing in to the sheer tranquillity at “Sorowwa” you are then within easy reach of so many magnificent spots of exciting wild life, historically and culturally rich sites for which Sri Lanka is famous for, and waves of crystal clear waters kissing sandy beaches;

Key attractions near Sorowwa Resort & Spa,

Sigiriya - 1/2 hour drive
World renown frescoes, awe-inspiring irrigation systems and engineering feats. No visitor has ever remained unmoved by the sheer brilliance of these.

Minneriya - 15 minutes drive
The exciting & playful cliques of elephants in their natural habitat.

Dambulla - 1/2 hour drive
The legendary rock temple with its marvellous rock-paintings.

Ritigala - 1/2 hour drive
The astonishing mountain with different climates along the climb. History reveals that a hospital capable of treating over 500 monks has been in existing here.

Tricomalee - 1 1/2 hour drive
The sandy beaches with the calm blue waters and hot water wells.

Pasi Kuda - 1 1/2 hour drive
The sea at its loveliest and most inviting.

Polonnaruwa - 45 minutes drive
The ancient kingdom which still shows its former grandeur in the still standing ruins of temples, dagabas and palaces etc.

Anuradhapura - 45 minutes drive
Some of the most memorable and glorious kingdoms of Sri Lanka existed here. The countless number of ruins and resurrected sites that amazes visitors even today are plentiful.

Knuckles - 2 1/2 hour drive
The mountainous range with a rich diversity of fauna & flora.

Closer at hand, you are indeed privileged to both witness as well as experience the thrill of the elephant rides as they majestically glide along the lake bund. It also portraits a fascinating story of the co-existence between humans and animals sharing a common habitat. Further, the smiling village folks indulging in their routine activities including bathing and washing in the lake itself or at the sluice (Sorowwa) from whence water in the lake gushes out, are destined to form everlasting pleasant memory in the mind of all guests. .
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