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Visits totraditional places of worship. Engrossing mountain hikes along footpaths paved with absorbing history. Leisurely saunters along the bund that’s hugging the scenic lake. Lovers’ dips into engaging waves of crystal clear waters, rushing to kiss exotic beaches. Or simply be amazed by the breathtaking beauty that meets your eyes from atop our ‘Belum Gala’

And, you are welcome back again and again, to relive the thrill over and over . . .

Ritigala Mountain
Starts with a bathing pool of immense proportions, its inside lined with magnificently engineered continuous stone steps. The beautifully laid pathway interlocking four-sided slabs of hewn stone that leads to about 70 caves testifies to superior craftsmanship. With many other fascinations, the mountain is Indescribable. Though situated in central plains that has of dry & humid climate, Ritigala is cool with ever green environment.
World heritage site. The spectacular, awe-inspiring ancient rock fortress in the sky, having a fresco gallery of 'heavenly maidens', lion stairway, water gardens and mirror wall. The beautifully landscaped water garden contains an amazing network of underground water distribution which provides water to the Royal baths, many moats of islands & fountains.
The largest and best preserved cave temple complex of Sri Lanka. Statues and extraordinary roof paintings in these caves date back to the 1st century BC. The city also boasts to have the largest rose quartz mountain range, and the Iron wood forest in South Asia.
World Heritage Site. The first kingdom in Sri Lanka, with well-preserved ruins of ancient glorious civilization rich in amazing irrigation systems that have steadfastly withstood the ravages of time, places of worship and aesthetically pleasing cultural structures of immense proportions.
Polonnaruwa: The second kingdom in Sri Lanka. A fascinating historical place, with palaces, conference-chambers, places of worship, pathways. lotus pond and resoviors. The grandeur of yore could be easily imagined when witnessing the yet magnificent ruins now remaining.
Heritage City. The last kingdom of Sri Lanka. A city of much beauty, pregnant with enchanting scenery, gardens and cultural importance. Rich in religious facets and world renowned festivity. Steeped in marvelous history of epic proportions.
What a beauty this history is! So rich in grandeur and culture Awesome, time defying, pleasing Yet, forever in step with nature . . .