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Sorowwa Resort & Spa
Welcome to ‘Sorowwa Resort & Spa’ – built on the exact spot where Royalty of yore had their preferred pleasure garden. Welcome to an aura of complete tranquillity - a sensation possible only through a soothing combination of aqua, fauna & flora that eternally greets you. You would be amazed at the ease with which this serene nature rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. The traditions of yore, befitting then Royalty lives on, now all yours to feel. . . In this place of sheer tranquillity, an exalted level of personalized hospitality is all yours. From the moment you arrive to be greeted by our staff with a warm smile coming straight from their heart, you will beginto feel that you have finally arrived at that place you have always dreamed of, so, . . . abandon your self unto blissful comfort, total relaxation and peace.
Sorwwa Resort and Spa in Habarana is a 23 roomed hotel situated in Habarana with all modern comforts and luxuries.
Our air-conditioned restaurant, taking in a superb view of the scenic lake and greenery, sits the guests comfortably to offer tastiest of authentic eastern & western gourmet dishes, to satiate even the most discerning of holidaymaker.
The sprawling and elegant lobby with its flow of cool air from the center pond offers an ideal setting for chit-chats, reading or to simply merge in to the lush green surrounding.
The inviting pool beckons you to anytime take a plunge. Thence, relax on the wooden deck with your favorite drink by your side.
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Together comes gentle hands In a gesture of a warm greeting Escapes their lips a sincere smile Happy at this gracious meeting . . .

At ‘Sorowwa.’ Tranquility, serenity, peace of mind - aqua, fauna, flora . . . the nature greets you, sooths you, rejuvenates you . . .